Privacy Policy

This site ( does not:

  • Collect or ask personal data from users, unless when the users want to leave a comment to the blog posts (see section below).
  • Display advertisements or banners to the user

This site uses an aggregated analytics tool (Cloudflare Web Analytics). Only aggregated traffic metrics are measured across users, for the purposes of understanding how the website content is used by visitors and improve future content creation.

Blog Post Comments

This sites uses in order to allow users to leave comments to the blog articles published by the author. The software is self-hosted and collects the following data:

  • Comment content (as typed by the user leaving the comment)

The user can leave comments in anonymous format, and registration is not required. The user may decide voluntarily to register into the commenting system, which requires them to input

  • E-mail address: strictly used for notification purposes related to the commenting functionality
  • Real name: The user name or pseudonym, which will be displayed alongside the comment they left
  • Website: an optional link to the user's website, which will be linked from the user's name
  • Password: the secret password used by the user to access the commenting function

The above data is stored and processed solely for the purposes of recording the user comments and displaying them alongside the commented articles.

All the comments are moderated by the author before being published.

Spam filtering: In order to protect other visitors from unwanted  spam content, all comments may be automatically scanned for spam in  order to block IPs and ban visitors. We use the service of Akismet to automatically filter spam comments. Please read their privacy policy to better understand how they process this information.


This uses cookies as described below:

  • cf_ob_info, a  strictly necessary functional cookie used by the Cloudflare Always Online capability (for high availability of the pages).
  • cf_use_ob, a  strictly necessary functional cookie used by the Cloudflare Always Online capability (for high availability of the pages).
  • __cf_bm cookie, a  strictly necessary functional cookie used by the Cloudflare Bot Management solutions (for protection against malicious automated agents).
  • commentoCommenterToken cookie, which is a necessary functional cookie used by the commenting system, should the user want to leave a comment using their name or pseudonym.

Security is very important, and we employ modern measures by the means of a strong TLS configuration and up to date security headers. You can verify the details of the set up at the following links:

Contact Information

You can find my contact information on my Keybase profile